Exponential Performance Mindset 4.0 transforms your mindset for high personal and professional growth

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** Batch starts from 5th Sept 2020
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Breaking problems into smaller
steps and identifying patterns
accelerated my learning curve.
I realised I could grow
exponentially in this program,
and I have.

Aki Chandu
Backend Developer

I learnt that even the most complicated situations can be tackled by sticking to basics. This helped me take responsibilities, openly express myself, and try new things.

D Yamini
UI Designer

With XPM 4.0 training, I began to look at challenges as opportunities, and my mistakes as scope for growth. This entirely eliminated my fear of failure.

Anusha Nandamuri
Backend Developer

I am able to go beyond my comfort zones, break my resistances and take up responsibilities. iB Hubs XPM 4.0 training has transformed me into a proactive person.

Balarama Krishna
Backend Developer

After XPM 4.0, I gained clarity about my identity and understood my personality traits which accelerated my learning process.

Krishna Vamshi
Frontend Developer

After XPM 4.0 training, I have transformed from an emotional and reactive person to a considerate and balanced person.

Backend Developer

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Program Outline

9 Courses

2 sessions per week, total 48 sessions

9 Projects and Activities

Each course contains 3 modules

48 Assignments

Certificate on successful completion

Learning Objectives

Build a strong self-image and maintain good self-esteem.

Understand the important elements in shaping one’s personality and its role in maintaining quality relationships.

Minimize disturbances within and focus on productive activities.

Get clarity on factors affecting one's growth.

Understand and implement frameworks to perform any task well, and improve every day.

Program Features

Personal Manager

Mindset Flashcards

Self-paced Learning

Access to IDM 4.0 Software

Lifetime Access to the
Complete Course Material

Access to iB Com

More about the program


10 Weeks


10 Weeks


10 Weeks


Will be unlocked only after the completion of the first three courses (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced).

Pricing Plans

*If you are not satisfied with the course, you can claim full refund before the start of 3rd session.




Price : ₹2,118/-
GST: ₹382/-

10 weeks course duration

Last date for Batch 2 registrations is 3rd Sept 2020

Fundamentals + Intermediate



Price : ₹5,508/-
GST: ₹992/-

Fundamentals included

20 weeks course duration

Last date for Batch 2 registrations is 3rd Sept 2020

Fundamentals + Intermediate +



Price : ₹10,593/-
GST: ₹1,907/-

Fundamentals and Intermediate included

30 weeks course duration

Last date for Batch 2 registrations is 3rd Sept 2020


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