Become a 4.0 Champion And Lead Community Initiatives

4.0 Champion is the official representative of CCBP 4.0 Tech Student Community. Take charge of our initiatives in your college which help students gear up for 4.0 Revolution. Ultimately, your contribution results in making India a global leader in 4.0 Technologies.
Become a 4.0 Champion And Lead Community Initiatives

Power your growth while you lead

Network with best minds in the country
Become a part of the exclusive 4.0 Champions Student Group
Work directly with the passionate team at NxtWave
Get priority internship and project opportunities
Boost your resume strength with 4.0 Campus Champion Certificate
Earn reward points and redeem them for your favourite purchases in the Community Store
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Power your growth while you lead
More in store for top 4.0 Champions

More in store for top 4.0 Champions

Avail special discounts on our flagship CCBP 4.0 programs
Get free access to NxtWave’s exclusive events
Win sponsorships for national and international conferences
Receive exclusive offers on limited edition gear
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What you’ll do as a 4.0 Champion

Build a vibrant and strong 4.0 Tech Community of forward-thinking students in your college.
Come up with ideas to spread awareness about 4.0 technologies.
Spread the word about NxtWave's initiatives in your campus and be our feedback source.
Mentor fellow students and 4.0 Champions from colleges across India.

Your journey to become a 4.0 Champion

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Join the National 4.0 Champion Orientation Program with one of our CXO’s
Get a student mentor assigned to guide you in your role as a 4.0 Champion
Take charge and get into action
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2. Join the National 4.0 Champion Orientation Program with one of our CXO’s
3. Get a student mentor assigned to guide you in your role as a 4.0 Champion
4. Take charge and get into action

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?


Any student currently pursuing under/post-graduation can participate in this program.

Is there any limit to the number of student Champions from each college?


No, there is no such limit.

Do I need a laptop to attend CCBP 4.0 Foundations?


You can attend sessions, participate in quizzes using your mobile. You will need a laptop to work on hands-on projects.

Will the training be Online/Offline?


The training is completely online.

Is there a free trial period?


The program is free till your pre-final year completion.

What should we do as a 4.0 Champion?


The objective is to lead the 4.0 revolution in your college by making students aware of 4.0 technologies. To realise this, you will be promoting our various initiatives in your college and preparing strategies to make it as efficient as possible.

What will I get as a Champion?


You will get Certificate/letter of Recognition, exciting rewards with incentives up to ₹15,000, internship opportunities, exclusive access to international conferences/summits, special interactive sessions with industry experts and many more.
Apart from that, this experience will help you develop most sought after skills in the corporate ecosystems like team management, networking, leadership, strategic ideation etc.

Can we form a team and work together?


Yes. We would highly encourage that you form a team.

What if I drop in the middle of the program?


Your contribution will be measured till your last day as 4.0 Champion and you will be awarded or rewarded accordingly.

Due to COVID-19 lockdown my college is closed, can I still apply for the program?


Yes, you can apply. You can do virtual promotions till your college gets reopened.

Do I have to travel anywhere for the program?


No, you need not travel anywhere

Will the company support the Champions in campaigns and activities they execute?


We will provide adequate resources and guidance for the successful execution of planned promotional activities