XPM 4.0 transforms your mindset for accelerated growth, both in your professional life and personal life.
Understand the elements that define your personality and get a systematic approach to enhance your performance and productivity.


Learning Objectives

Build a strong self-image and maintain good self-esteem

Understand the important elements that shape your personality and their role in maintaining quality relationships

Minimize disturbances within you and focus on productive activities

Courses in XPM 4.0 Fundamentals

1. Identity and Value Strengths

Elements that define your personality which direct how you think, feel and act. They play a major role in how you are perceived by people around you, the quality of your relationships and the overall quality of your life.

Course Modules

1. Respect System
2. Gratitude Internalisation
3. Concern - Bucket filling

2. RCA - Repeated Conscious Attempts

It is the clarity that you have about how you visualise yourself in your future, both personally and professionally. And how ready are you to work to make your visualisation come true?

Course Modules

1. Willingness
2. Thinking vs Action
3. Visualization

3. Setting Priorities

When you are clear about your vision and goals, it shows you exactly where to focus your energy to reach your goals. This keeps you from wasting your energy in investing yourself in the wrong elements and getting stressed.

Course Modules

1. Focus
2. By-products
3. Main Products

4. Handling Disappointments (Bonus Course)

A powerful tool which prevents you from falling into the downward spiral of negative emotions and constantly sets you in a productive and progressive path.


Learning Objectives

Get clarity on factors affecting your growth

Learn to speak progressively with yourself

Lead yourself to reach your maximum potential

Courses in XPM 4.0 Intermediate

1. Major Growth Blockers

Find out what the key elements hindering your growth are. Identifying specific areas of your life where you are exhibiting these elements and acting on them smoothens your journey towards your goals.

Course Modules

1. Resistance
2. Comfort Zone
3. Fixed Mindset

2. Essentials of Performance Mindset

These are some of the key elements that fuel your success, regardless of how big or small your goal may be.

Course Modules

1. Self-image
2. Learning from Everything
3. Persistence

3. Self-talk

Understanding the different types of self-talk lets you identify your specific type and determine how encouraging it is, and how much better it could be. This lays a path to improving your self-talk.

Course Modules

1. Self-limiting Beliefs
2. Negative Self-talk
3. Positive Self-talk

4. Essentials of Emotional Intelligence (Bonus Course)


Learning Objectives

Understand and implement frameworks to perform any task well, and improve every day

Know how to have win-win conversations

Perform well - both personally and professionally

Courses in XPM 4.0 Pre-advanced

1. Essentials of Task Framework and Learning Hours

It is a systematic approach to do every task in an excellent way. It helps in bringing out the best outcome for any task, while also accelerating the growth of the individual.

Course Modules

1. Individual Task Framework
2. Day Planning
3. Learning Hours

2. Assertive Communication

Every individual tends to speak in a particular way when interacting with others. Understanding your own style and others' styles will help you make your interactions smooth, effective, and productive.

Course Modules

1. Aggressive Communication
2. Passive Communication, Passive - Aggressive Communication
3. Assertive Communication

3. Utilising Opportunities

Getting the best out of day-to-day situations we encounter, by learning how to see and do something different, which ultimately makes you stand out.

Course Modules

1.Taking Initiative
2. Solution-oriented Mindset
3. Flexibility and Adaptability