What is Data Analytics: Unraveling the Power of Data-driven Insights

3 Jul 2023
15 min read

Imagine you are shopping for shoes online. You visit different websites, put some items on your wishlist, some in your cart, and finally end up purchasing some.

Simultaneously, you are also shown recommendations under the tab ‘You may also like’, or ‘People who bought this also bought’.

What is surprising is that you weren’t looking for those in the first place, but those items somehow resonate with where your taste lies.


Don’t worry.

E-commerce websites can’t read your mind. However, they can read and interpret your digital footprints, i.e., the data you leave behind every time you do any activity on the internet.

In this case, e-commerce websites have data from your previous purchases. This is where the role of Data Analytics comes into play.

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