I’m Rahul Attuluri, CEO of NxtWave Disruptive Technologies.

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between industry & academia by rapidly building industry-relevant skills in people.

For the first time in India, we’ve introduced Industry-Ready Certification (IRC) which represents your industry readiness. We’ve designed programs to help anyone gear up for 4.0 Revolution.

For students right after Intermediate/12th, get ready for a high-paid job with CCBP 4.0 Academy. Learn 4 hours/week alongside your college and become 4.0 industry-ready.

For those looking for an immediate tech job, enroll in CCBP 4.0 Intensive program and A Proven Curriculum to Get a Tech Job of ₹4.5 - ₹ 9  Lakh/Year*.

For students, working professionals, or those not in immediate need of a job, build industry-ready skills early on with our structured CCBP 4.0 Professional program, to land a high-paying job.

For students, we invite you to join India’s Largest 4.0 Tech Student Community to grow faster with the right ecosystem of forward-thinking and tech-savvy minds.

Wishing you tremendous success in your career!


Rahul Attuluri
CEO, NxtWave


Rahul Attuluri
Co-founder & CEO
Past: CyberEye (CTO), Amazon, Bwin
Alum: IIIT Hyderabad
Sashank Gujjula
Co-founder &
Head, Customer Experience
Past: iB Hubs (VP, Student Relations)
Alum: IIT Bombay (AIR 119)
Anupam Pedarla
Co-founder & COO
Past: iB Hubs (VP, Global Business)
Alum: IIT Kharagpur


Vijaya Kumar Sama
Mentor and Pedagogy Expert
Profound Academician
with 30+ Years Experience